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Dear reader, cannabiseducationproject.com is here to serve you. We will like to put a disclaimer that the contents that we post are purely for educational purposes. We educate people about cannabis, CBD, and other health and wellness insights. The decision to solely rely on the information we post is exclusively a personal decision, and cannabiseducationproject.com does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information.

We source the information from research, interviews, and customer comments, so we do not guarantee validity or accuracy. Relying on our contents or using them is at your own risk, and cannabiseducationproject.com shall not be held responsible for the damages you incur.

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The products that cannabiseducationproject.com will mention are solely for information and is not a prescription. Consult a certified physician before using them concerning the interactions and the possible effects on you. We do not offer a piece of medical advice because we do not engage a physician. Cannabiseducationproject.com will not be responsible if you encounter challenges after using the products we review on this site.

Feel free to contact cannabiseducationproject.com for more queries, and remember to read our terms in our privacy policy.

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