Pot Licensing Confusion Reigns Supreme in Nevada

Over 500 applications to operate a Medical Marijuana Establishment (MME) have been submitted to Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services for evaluation.

And even though experts have been brought in to evaluate those applications for suitability, I still don’t know how you can properly evaluate an application based SOLELY on what is submitted on paper. The question really should be whether or not the persons involved can implement the plan.

So how exactly these 500+ MME applications are evaluated, in addition to how accurate such evaluations will be, remains a huge open question.

In addition, as James DeHaven of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports today, there are still a lot of unanswered questions as to how the final approval process is going to take place and who will get the final say.

Some legislators are saying that the only role the local jurisdictions will play is issuing zone approvals for proposed locations and the state will actually pick which MME operators will be licensed to open their businesses in the various counties/cities.

The locals have another idea altogether. They say they will make the final determinations and the ratings which will be issued by the state’s application evaluators next month will be used as just one criterion in granting the final licenses.

If the elected officials don’t even know how this process, how in the world are the business entities trying to open shop supposed to know what the rules are. This…is…a…mess.